The Final Discourse: The Disciples’ Grief Will Turn To Joy (John 16:17 – 33)

Scripture Text:

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John 16:17 – 33


1. Did your parents ever tell you about your birth experience? What was it like for them?

2. What tones of voice do you hear in verses 17 and 18? If you were there, would Jesus’ answer encourage you, or confuse you more?

3. What event is Jesus referring to in verses 20 – 22? In what ways does the world’s “joy” (verse 20) contrast with the joy the disciples will experience (verse 22)? How is this similar to what Jesus said about dying (John 12:24)? About peace (John 14:27)?

4. What characterizes the relationship we can have with the Father because of Jesus (verses 23 – 27)?

5. Do you think the disciples truly grasp what Jesus says in verse 28? Why?

6. Both Jesus and the world offer a form of peace (John 14: 27; John 16:33), joy (John 15:11; John 16:22 – 24) and love (John 13:34, 35; John 15:9 – 19). How have you experienced each of these? What is different between them?

7. How do you deal with change? Moves? Job transfers? Transitions from one stage of your life to another? How has pain helped you to grow?

8. From your experience, how could you comfort someone going through change?

9. How do you desire joy? How do you experience it?