Cain and Abel (Genesis 4)

Scripture Text:

Genesis 4


1. Whom did you envy as a child? Why this person?

2. Do you express your anger in positive or negative ways? How can your relationship with God make a difference?

3. What does it mean to you to be your “brother’s keeper”? Which of your relationships need strengthening or healing?

4. Cain is promised frustration at work and restlessness in life (vv 11, 12). Lamech remembered God’s promise to his forefather, Cain (vv 23, 24). What promises or blessings has God given your ancestors which serve as a COMFORT to you?

5. How do you deal with anger in your life? What might you call yourself?

  • Vern Volcano
  • Susy Suppression
  • Dennis Denial
  • Tina Tightlip

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