The Beginnings of Nations and Shem’s Descendants (Genesis 10; Genesis 11:10 – 32)

Scripture Texts (click to open in a new window):

Genesis 10

Genesis 11:10 – 32


1. Who was your most famous relative or ancestor?

2. “A nation I have never visited (but would like to) is ____________, to see _____________ and to do ________________.”

3. “I was born in ____________, to parents who ______________. My big accomplishment in life was ______________ as typified in my life’s motto, ______________.”

4. Are you the firstborn of your parents? Or are you among their “other sons and daughters”? What difference did birth order make in how you were raised?

Note: In regards to chronology, Job should be included here among the ancients. The book of Job will be presented later at the time of its writing.


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