Esau Sells His Birthright To Jacob (Genesis 25:19 – 34)

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Genesis 25:19 – 34


1. What have you been told about the particulars of your birth?

2. Growing up, were you Mom’s favorite or Dad’s favorite? How did that feel?

3. Growing up, what was the “worst swap” you ever made with a brother or sister? Why did you do it?

4. From this passage alone, how would you describe Esau? Jacob? Who would you prefer as a son? As a brother?

5. Which of Jacob’s traits might fit you: Quiet? Homebound? Mom’s boy? Sneaky (or clever)?

6. Which of Esau’s traits might fit you: Hairy? Hunter? Dad’s boy? Needs instant gratification?

7. Have you ever gone to your brother or sister for help only to be taken advantage of? Explain?

8. Have you ever taken advantage of a family member who came to you in a vulnerable state? Explain.

9. How can you move beyond these incidents to love and forgiveness?

10. In your relationship with your family this past week, did you feel more favored or more overlooked? Why?

11. How did you feel in your relationship with God this past week? Why?

12. What could Isaac and Rebekah have done (if anything) to prevent the conflicts between their twin sons?

13. Do you think what Jacob did was justified? If so, why? If not, why not?

14. How has God blessed you in spite of your faults?

15. Are you taking full advantage of your spiritual “birthright” – the blessings available to God’s children? How are you selling God (and yourself) short?


The Deaths of Abraham and Ishmael (Genesis 25:1 – 18)

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Genesis 25:1 – 18


1. In your family’s “last will and testament”, what non-material things would you like to bequeath? To inherit? Why?

2. As the founding father of our faith, Abraham sets a heroic and all-too-human example for us to follow. In Genesis 12 – 25, what are the most noteworthy character traits which he has left for you to emulate? For you to avoid?

Abraham Arranges A Wife For Isaac (Genesis 24)

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Genesis 24


1. In high school, what hangout did you frequent in your hometown to meet other young people?

2. What memories do you have of going on a blind date?

3. If you were to choose a spouse for your son or daughter, what kind would you choose?

4. What do you find most compelling about Abraham’s  chief servant? His earnest piety? His transparent faith? His practical methods? His devotion to his master? His firm resolve?

5. How can you be like the chief servant and bring honor to God by being a faithful employee?

6. What do you like most about Rebekah? Her physical qualities? Her servant heart? Her willing spirit? Her veiled modesty?

7. About Laban and Bethuel, what attracts you? Their generous hospitality? Their spiritual insight? Their formal consent? Their parental apron strings? Their conventional blessing?

8. When have you asked God for a sign like Abraham’s servant? How valid is it to ask for God’s guidance in that way?

9. Where has been the most frustrating place for you to seek dating relationships?

10. If you are single, how have you sensed God’s involvement in your dating decisions?

Additional Comments:

Abraham’s servant was looking for a woman who would offer him and his camels a drink. He had 10 camels in his caravan and each camel could drink as much as 30 gallons of water. This means Rebekah could have drawn as much as 300 gallons of water! Give an example of a time where you went the second (extra) mile and reaped rewards.