Abraham Pleads For Sodom (Genesis 18:16 – 33)

Scripture Text (click to open in a new window):

Genesis 18:16 – 33


1. Who is most patient in your family? What would it take to exhaust this person’s patience?

2. What impresses you most about Abraham in this incident? His boldness? His compassion? His influence on God?

3. What impresses you most about God in this incident? His confiding in Abraham? His judgment? His mercy?

4. In Abraham’s intercession, what do you admire enough to imitate?

5. What does God’s openness suggest?

6. How does God show His patience with you?

7. For whom is God calling you to intercede as Abraham?

8. When have you ever bargained with God? What were the results? Do you think such bargaining can affect God’s decisions? Why or why not?

9. In order for salvation to come to my community, I am willing to…

  • Pray for it regularly
  • Share my faith with others
  • Get involved in the lives of those around me
  • Contribute to the ministry of my church
  • Engage in community work



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