Abraham’s Test of Faith (Genesis 22)

Scripture Text (click to open in a new window):

Genesis 22


1. Is there an aspect of this story that really bothers you? Explain.

2. What is the most difficult thing God has ever asked you to do?

3. How is Abraham an example of a “man of God”? (If you are a man) what area of your life are you holding back from committing totally to the Lord?

4. Where do you sense God is testing you now? How are you doing with the test? What are you learning from it?

5. Where has God demonstrated His willingness to do as He is asking Abraham to do here?

6. How do the examples of Isaac and Jesus apply to your current circumstances and faith? Where do you get the strength to say “yes” to God when everything else inside of you says “no”?

Additional Comments:

Remember my pet peeve about the false assumptions about the age and maturity level of certain Bible characters in an earlier post? Ishmael’s half-brother Isaac is another example. In this vital episode, he was not a wide-eyed 10-year-old child. His actual age was most likely around 30 years old.

Does a fact like this change your understanding, perception or response to this incident? For me, it heightens my ability to relate to this father and son, their relationship and Abraham’s faith. It also helps me to slow down and further appreciate the complexity of human emotions, relationships and circumstances.

Biblical personalities were historical figures. They were people. People like us. If we don’t take the time to meditate, to ask questions and to connect with them and their lives in a personal way, we could totally miss out on what God is trying to reveal to us and teach us.


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