Jacob Flees From Laban (Genesis 31:1 – 21)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 31:1 – 21


1. As a kid, did you ever run away from home? How far did you get: Next door? Grandma’s? The big city?

2. If you are married, how do you know when you in-laws start treating you like an “out-law”? What is your first clue?

3. If you could advise Jacob, what would you tell him to do about his relationship with Laban?

4. How would that same advice help you better cope with one broken relationship in your life now?

5. When you began you new life in Christ, how hard was it to change your “old ways”? What ongoing struggles do you have between you old life and your new life?

6. What did Rachel’s theft of Laban’s household gods say about her?

  • She was a kleptomaniac.
  • She was a idol-worshiper.
  • She wanted keepsakes to remember her family.
  • She did it to spite her father.
  • She thought they might give her good luck.
  • She tried to mix her pagan background and her faith in the one true God.



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