Laban Pursues Jacob (Genesis 31:22 – 55)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 31:22 – 55


1. What do you remember about playing “hide and seek” as a child? Do you still play it?

2. Did you ever steal anything as a child? If so, what? What happened?

3. What is your idea of “perfect” in-laws?

4. Laban is able to overtake (v 23) and overpower (v 29) Jacob but God intervenes (v 24). How does this humbling rescue of Jacob from his imprudence resemble the way God had to rescue two other patriarchs from their misadventures?

5. Concerning Laban’s household gods, was Rachel: A quick thinker? Fortunate God didn’t expose her? Following her father’s idolatry? Following her husband’s deceit?

6. When God is invoked (as in this chapter) to be witness to the vows and covenants we make, what happens if and when that vow is broken? When have you saw such a “self-cursing” vow actually come true?

7. If only one word could describe this family, it would be “deceptive”. From your own experience (and from your review of Genesis to date), do you believe such sinful patterns are inherited or are they learned?

8. Would you say that today’s abusive sins (such as child and spouse abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling and theft, lust and adultery) are likewise inherited? Or are they learned by entire families or generations in our society?

9. How then is one freed from a “generational curse” or “inherent sin”?

10. What do you fear might “catch up with you”?

11. How do you usually resolve conflict?

  • I prefer throwing stones, not piling them into a peace memorial
  • I try to get in the last word before we reach an agreement
  • I generally apologize quickly because I think it’s my fault
  • I ask the other party to sit down and talk things out
  • I get knots in my stomach and feel guilty for not doing anything



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