Jacob Meets Esau (Genesis 33)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 33


1. What dreaded family reunion turned out better than you expected?

2. Do you think Esau has forgiven Jacob for his earlier deceptions? Do you think Jacob feels forgiven? Why or why not?

3. Why did Jacob insist on giving Esau a present?

4. What do you make of Jacob’s refusing Esau’s offer to travel with him or send along some of his men for protection?

5. Why did Jacob tell Esau he would go at his own pace to Seir, but then did not go there?

6. How has their relationship changed? Remained the same? Is this good or bad? Why?

7. When is it easier for you to forgive others? When is it harder?

8. When is it easier for you to feel forgiven? When is it harder?

9. What do your answers to #7 and #8 reveal about your fears? Your faith? Your Lord?

10. The stories of the patriarchs often describe special places these men devote to God. What place holds special meaning in your life?

11. What’s holding you back from making arrangements for reconciling a broken relationship in your life?

  • Nothing – I’m ready to do it
  • I’m ready but they’re not
  • I’m afraid it’s too late
  • The timing isn’t right
  • The pain is still too great
  • Nothing – I already have

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