Jacob Returns To Bethel (Genesis 35:1 – 15)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 35:1 – 15


1. What place from your past is of spiritual importance to you? What makes this place so meaningful?

2. Review the promises made to Abraham (Genesis 12:1 – 3; 15:17 – 21; 17:1 – 8; 22:15 – 18). How do these compare to the promises God makes to Jacob (vv. 11, 12)? What would such continuity mean to Jacob? To God?

3. Is there someone you can thank for the impact they made on your faith and spiritual journey? If so, what can you do to thank this person?

4. Where is your favorite place to meet God?

5. If you were to bury something under the oak at Shechem, what would you bury?

  • an idol
  • a grudge
  • expectations
  • a habit
  • an attitude
  • the past



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