Moses Returns To Egypt (Exodus 4:18 – 31)

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Exodus 4:18 – 31


1. What do you like best about “going home”? What do you do when you get there?

2. What did you start as a youngster, but never finished even as an adult? Would you go back to that unfinished task now?

3. What failure on Moses’ part almost ends his opportunity to lead the Israelites? Why is circumcision so important (see Genesis 17:9 – 14)?

4. From the example of Moses, what will you apply this week to help ensure that God’s plans for you are not frustrated?

5. Like Zipporah helping Moses, who has helped you fulfill the difficult requirements of your spiritual life?


God Equips Moses (Exodus 4:1 – 17)

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Exodus 4:1 – 17


1. As a child, what was one chore you hated? How did you try to avoid doing it?

2. What’s the best excuse you’ve heard lately from a determined procrastinator?

3. What does Moses’ three objections sound like to you? False issues? Legitimate ones? True humility? Stubborn resistance? Or something else?

4. Why is God so angry (vv 13, 14)? Why do you think God deals with Moses’ final objection as He does?

5. Why did God involve Moses’ brother Aaron? Who has been an “Aaron” in your life?

6. What excuses do you make to God? How do you think He feels about them?

7. How can you relate to Moses’ uncertainty about God’s will? How much of your uncertainty is honest searching, and how much is it making excuses? How can you worry less about your future?

Moses and the Burning Bush (Exodus 3)

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Exodus 3


1. In taking on new work, do you “bite off more than you can chew”? Do you “chomp at the bit”? Why?

2. What has been God’s “call” in your life? What would it take to get your attention and commitment to accept a new mission in life?

3. In terms of fulfilling God’s calling, Moses was “unemployed” at this time in his life. How have you dealt with being unemployed? How can you relate to Moses being asked to take a “job” with which he wasn’t comfortable?

4. If you are in the “empty nest” stage of life, how can you relate to Moses’ being called at a mature age to something so different? How could you better invest yourself and your gifts in the “second half of life”?

5. “If I were in Moses’ sandals, I would share his ________.”

  • fear of looking God in the eye
  • reverence in taking off my sandals
  • sense of inadequacy to do God’s work
  • concern for what others will think
  • wondering if God’s plan will work

6. “The burning bust (God’s attention-getter) in my life has been __________.”

  • a personal experience with God
  • a near disaster
  • frustrated plans
  • special blessings
  • personal crisis
  • a meaningful worship experience
  • a particular Scripture passage
  • a life-changing relationship