Joseph and His Dreams (Genesis 37:1 – 11)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 37:1 – 11


1. When (if ever) did you receive a “bad report” in school? What for? By whom?

2. What has been one of your more divisive and memorable experiences with “tattling”?

3. From these verses, how would you describe Joseph to someone who had never met him? Why do you think Joseph behaves the way he does? Would you want him for a brother? Why or why not?

4. Why in the world is Jacob playing favorites? (Remember how his parents’ favoritism ruined family ties with his brother Esau.)

5. When God wants to give you a special message, how does He do it?

6. What is one of your wildest dreams – one “only God” could bring about?

7. When are you tempted to be jealous? What needs to happen to change that?

8. What is the number one cause of conflict in your family? What positive things might God be trying to do through it?

9. How could Jacob correct Joseph without squelching his potential and his dreams? How can you do the same with your child or others close to you?

10. If you are a parent of a teenager, how does this story most remind you of your life?

  • I deal with a lot of tattling
  • I deal with lots of sibling rivalry
  • I have a hard time not playing favorites
  • My teenager thinks I should “bow down” to what he or she wants
  • I “rebuke” my teen a lot

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