Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife (Genesis 39)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 39


1. In what job setting have you enjoyed the most “success”?

2. What kind of “boss” would you make: Everyone’s pal? Law and order tough guy? A hands-on operator? A detached delegator?

3. How could Joseph’s example help you resist temptation in general, and sexual temptation in particular?

4. Why was it that Joseph didn’t seem to protest his “sentence”?

5. If you are a single person, how are you handling these pressures (which were also faced by Joseph): Sexual temptation? The pressure to be in a relationship? The responsibility of running a household? Things seemingly going from bad to worse?

6. How would Romans 8:28, 29 fit Joseph just now? And how would it fit you?

7. When might you be more tempted to sexual indiscretion and why?

  • When left alone with an attractive member of the opposite sex?
  • When left alone with an attractive member of the same-sex?
  • When in the company of others who are breaking all the rules
  • In a foreign culture, where you don’t know all the rules and cultural trappings
  • On your way to the top when you feel invincible

8. Right now, my life is most like Joseph’s when he:

  • didn’t know where he was going
  • was blessed with success
  • was mistreated by others
  • was imprisoned in a bad situation
  • made the most of his suffering



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