Joseph In Charge of Egypt (Genesis 41:41 – 57)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 41:41 – 57


1. What is the story behind the ring(s) on your finger(s)?

2. Has Joseph gone too far in taking on ring, robes, chauffeured chariot, name change, native wife, etc.? How would becoming more like an Egyptian help Joseph to fulfill his new role?

3. Why do you think the Bible does not criticize Joseph for taking a foreign wife, contrary to his family values? How does Joseph’s behavior differ from his uncle Esau’s wife-taking (see chapters 28:6 – 9; 36:2)?

4. How is the Joseph of chapter 41 unlike the Joseph of chapter 37? How do you account for his maturity, zeal and wisdom to run the government and travel throughout Egypt? Might the 13 intervening years of humiliation and prison (chapter 39 – 40) have gifted or energized him?

5. Like Joseph, what past trouble would you like God to help you “forget”?

6. In what ways have you changed from what you were 13 years ago? What did God do during that time to mold your character?

7. Where are you now experiencing a “famine”: Physically? Socially? Culturally? Spiritually? What traits of Joseph’s will help you survive such famine-like traits?


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