Joseph’s Brothers’ Second Journey To Egypt (Genesis 43)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 43


1. What one “fancy meal” stands out in your memory? Why that one?

2. If you had the choice, would you want to be the youngest in the family?  The oldest? Why?

3. Why do you think Joseph chooses not to reveal himself to his brothers, even at the poignant moment of greeting Benjamin (vv. 29ff)? What does Joseph want? Why does Benjamin get more?

4. Where is the “cupboard bare” in your life? And where are you feasting “five times as much as anyone else”?

5. Judah is very practical in this story. When have you put being practical over the best interests of someone? When have you put someone’s best interests over practicality?

6. What one person who means a lot to you have been wanting to see again? Why do you feel that way for that person? Why do you think God gave us the capacity to have such strong feelings for people?

7. When decision-making in your family reaches an impasse, what or who usually breaks the deadlock?

  • someone gives in or becomes a martyr
  • might makes right
  • the one who cries the loudest wins over the others
  • father knows best
  • the favorite gets favored treatment

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