Joseph Reaches His Breaking Point (Genesis 44)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 44


1. What was something valuable you lost or misplaced? Did you ever find it? If not, did you replace it? What did the loss cost you?

2. What did you once dread telling your father or mother? What happened when you finally did?

3. What in this story seems to happen outside of Joseph’s plan (but within God’s control)?

4. How does Judah’s compelling speech bring Joseph to the breaking point? Do you think this climactic ending was the way Joseph envisioned it?

5. What would be your “silver cup” – something material which you highly prize? Would you say that you possess it, or that it possesses you? What might God be saying to you in this?

6. Where (like Joseph) have you given “your brothers” the chance to prove themselves or be reconciled? When has this chance to forgive been offered to you? What did you do with that chance?

7. With whom do you still hold out hope for a reconciliation? What hope does this story give?


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