Joseph Makes Himself Known To His Brothers (Genesis 45)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 45


1. Who in your family makes the most noise when crying? Who “never” cries? When was the last time you wept openly? For what?

2. Who in your family is the one who will forgive anyone anything? For whom does forgiveness come only with difficulty? Which one are you like? How so?

3. If you were visited by a loved one who came back 22 years later “from the dead”, what proof would you need that this person was indeed the one you had given up for dead?

4. Why do you think Joseph and Benjamin have a special relationship (connection)?

5. Why do you suppose Joseph sent off his brothers with the final word, “Don’t quarrel on the way!”?

6. As Joseph reveals himself for who he really is, how does he also make God known for who He is, has been and will be (vv. 5 – 11)?

7. What would bring “tears of joy” if it happened for you sometime soon?

8. What is one thing you have learned from Joseph’s story that would be most helpful to share with someone experiencing tough times? Why not share with that person this week?

9. What do you do when confronted with the pain you have caused others?

10. What do you typically do when you have the opportunity to forgive others?

11. How do you feel about Joseph’s perspective that God (and not his brothers) actually put him through the things he experienced? How does that make you feel about your own trials and suffering? How would your attitude and relationship with God be different if you shared Joseph’s view?

12. In your situation of living with a broken relationship, how can you relate to this song?

  • Things have been strained for a long time
  • I would to experience that kind of happy ending
  • I would like to see them squirm a little
  • They would be shocked if I had Joseph’s attitude
  • I would be shocked if they had Jospeh’s attitude
  • I can see God’s purposes to an extent in what they have done to me

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