Jacob Goes To Egypt (Genesis 46:1 – 47:12)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 46:1 – 47:12


1. If you had to move to a new country to live, which one would you choose? Why?

2. What would you miss most about your roots? If you had known ahead of time that you would never return once you left, would you still move?

3. How close do you and your relatives now live? Do you consider that “too close” or “too far away”? Why?

4. In what respects is Jacob a broken man as a result of the 22 years since the events of chapter 37? Besides having more grandsons, how else has he aged or matured?

5. How is Jacob’s preparation for and actual meeting with Joseph like (and unlike) his other long overdue family reunion – the one with Esau (chapters 32 – 33)?

6. Jacob and Joseph’s reunion was quite touching. With which person would you like to have a reunion like that?

7. What does the story of Joseph and his family tell you about the importance God places on human relationships? Does your church emphasize the importance of relationships among church members?

8. Jacob had one wish (to see Joseph alive) which he wanted to see fulfilled before he (Jacob) died. What one wish would you like to see come true before you die? What would you be willing to sacrifice toward that end?


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