Jacob Blesses His Sons (Genesis 49:1 – 28)

Scripture Text:

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Genesis 49:1 – 28


1. What major, non-material blessings have you inherited from your parents or grandparents?

2. What nicknames were you saddled with by your grandfather?

3. As you read through these oracles, list the sons and the most important prediction made about each. What does this list tell you about Jacob? His sons? Their family life? What surprises you? What angers you?

4. With which blessings do you most identify today? That is, how are you like turbulent waters, sword fighter, lion’s cub, ship’s haven, stubborn donkey, biting serpent, king’s chef, playful doe, fruitful vine or ravenous wolf?

5. Think about the totality of what makes you the unique person you are (traits, talents, personality, habits, character, etc.).  Which of your better qualities would you like to hand down to your children? Which of your not-so flattering qualities do you wish would sooner skip a generation or two?

6. What will you do to help your children acquire and exhibit more of the “good” and less of the “bad” or “ugly” side of you?

7. What not-so-good blessing have you received from someone, that affects your life in a not-so-positive way?

8. What great blessing have you received from someone, that inspires you to live a courageous, God-glorifying life?


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