God Equips Moses (Exodus 4:1 – 17)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 4:1 – 17


1. As a child, what was one chore you hated? How did you try to avoid doing it?

2. What’s the best excuse you’ve heard lately from a determined procrastinator?

3. What does Moses’ three objections sound like to you? False issues? Legitimate ones? True humility? Stubborn resistance? Or something else?

4. Why is God so angry (vv 13, 14)? Why do you think God deals with Moses’ final objection as He does?

5. Why did God involve Moses’ brother Aaron? Who has been an “Aaron” in your life?

6. What excuses do you make to God? How do you think He feels about them?

7. How can you relate to Moses’ uncertainty about God’s will? How much of your uncertainty is honest searching, and how much is it making excuses? How can you worry less about your future?

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