Bricks Without Straw (Exodus 5:1 – 21)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 5:1 – 21


1. Do you prefer physical or non-physical jobs? Why? Cite examples of each from your work experience.

2. How is Israel’s vision and Moses’ leadership now tested?

3. How do you think Moses felt when the foremen (who had been beaten), came to him in frustration?

4. Where do you see your vision being tested by “temporary” setbacks? To what extent are you responding like Israel here?

5. When have you suffered for what was not your fault? Who did you then scapegoat? Why do you think God allows such injustice?

6. Has your obedience to God ever resulted in frustration or difficulty for others? If it has, how?

7. In your anxiety about work, how do you identify with Moses and the Hebrew slaves? How do you think God wants you to respond to the “tyrants”, injustices and frustrations of your job?

8. When have you felt trapped and unfulfilled in your career? What effect do these situations have on your relationship with God? What can you do when you’re unfulfilled in your work?


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