Plagues #2 and #3: Frogs and Gnats (Exodus 8:1 – 19)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 8:1 – 19


1. Describe a time when you found an unwanted creature in your food.

2. What elements in the river (polluted for seven days) might have caused the frogs to “come up” onto the land and swarm the country? What possible link do you see between the plague of blood and this one?

3. With the plague of gnats, why does God now begin doing things the magicians could not?

4. How do you feel about the way God works in this episode? Does God “stink up the works” when He wants to get your attention? How so?

5. When have you taken answered prayer for granted? Do you pray more when things are going your way? Or when “in a foxhole”? Why?

6. By now, Aaron and Moses may be feeling used or manipulated by unrepentant Pharaoh. When have you felt conned by a non-believer who “took you for a ride”? How do you respond?

7. When have you hardened your heart in light of God’s working?


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