Plague #7: Hail (Exodus 9:13 – 35)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 9:13 – 35


1. Describe the most severe storm you were in. What did you see? Hear? Smell? Feel? Where did you find shelter?

2. What do the undamaged crops (vv. 31, 32) allow Pharaoh to do (vv. 34, 35)? In letting Pharaoh have his way, what can you learn about God’s mercy? God’s judgment?

3. Could God have achieved His goals without the plagues? If so, how? If not, why not?

4. What do you see as God’s main purpose in causing Egypt to suffer the plagues?

5. Does God still send “plagues” on people? Or are most diseases and disasters self-inflicted or due to natural causes? Why do you think so?

6. Why is it so important to God that you recognize Him as the Lord?

7. Have you ever made a promise to God you did not keep? What happened?

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