The Institution of the Passover Celebration (Exodus 12:1 – 28, Exodus 12:43 – 51)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 12:1 – 28, 43 – 51


1. Where do you fall in the birth order of your family? What great expectations and special privileges fell to the oldest? To the youngest? What was allowed and allotted to you?

2. When it’s “just family”, what’s the biggest spread of the year your parents put on the table?

3. Did you grow up with many rules about table meals? Which ones have stuck with you?

4. What is the connection between blood and death in this passage? Why is blood a protection against death?

5. God surely could have accomplished the Exodus without the death of all the firstborn of Egypt. So why do you think He chose to do it this way? In what sense was this a “judgment on all the gods of Egypt” (chapter 12 verse 12)? A “wonder of God” (chapter 11 verse 9)? Or perhaps you find any such killing altogether unforgivable? Why?

6. What are the gods of your culture? How does the Lord show Himself to be more powerful?

7. How does this story shed light on the purpose and benefits of Christ’s death and shed blood? How does the Passover meal remind you of the Lord’s Supper?

8. How do rituals (such as Communion) help you remember what God has done for you? How can you share those memories and values rather than just keep them to yourself?

9. If you are a parent, how could you get your children more involved in planning and celebrating family traditions? Are there ways you could enhance the spiritual dimension of your traditions?

10. Consider the restrictions outlined in verses 43 – 49. Which of the rules governing Passover seem exclusive? Inclusive?

11. Without these rules, what would happen? What does this say about the importance of Passover to God? To Israel?


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