Crossing The Red Sea (Exodus 13:17 – 14:31)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 13:17 – 14:31


1. When you travel away from home, what one possession do you take along to keep from getting homesick?

2. What was your most frightening experience in water: Boat capsize? Shark alert? Surf undertow? Tidal wave wipe out your sand castle? How has that experience affected your feelings about water?

3. What significance do Joseph’s bones have for the people (chapter 13 verse 19)? Consider Genesis 50:24, 25; Joshua 24:32; Hebrews 11:22.

4. Why do you think God is concerned that “the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord”? Compassion? Justice? Vengeance? Or something else? Explain your answer.

5. How does Moses handle the stress? Why do you think God spoke to him the way He did in verse 15?

6. Retrace the Israelites’ movement from fear to faith in this text. How do you think they would have described God to someone who had not seen these events firsthand?

7. What is the one “pursuing army” you fear in your life right now? Why this?

8. How is God leading you up to this point: In circles? In the dark? Through fire? Or do you feel abandoned by those you’ve trusted?

9. In what ways might this passage help you to trust God with your fears? What one battle would you like God to fight for you this week?

10. Based on your own life story, how would you describe God’s power to someone else who wasn’t there when He rescued you? How does that compare to the power He demonstrates in this passage? With whom will you share your “exodus” story this week?


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