The Song of Moses and Miriam (Exodus 15:1 – 21)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 15:1 – 21


1. How do you celebrate a long-awaited goal or unexpected victory? Most recently, which did you celebrate in that fashion: A winning sports team? Business deal? Academic achievement? Family success? Other?

2. What main idea does each stanza of this song reinforce (see chapter 14 verse 4)? What variations on this theme do you see (or hear)? What do you learn about God’s character in this song?

3. Do you think this singing is an appropriate response to someone else’s death? How do God’s apparently violent actions (verses 3 – 8) square with His unfailing love (verse 13)?

4. How else could God have achieved His loving purpose for Israel, other than by destroying the Egyptians?

5. By the same token, what would be the most effective means for God to deal with the evil threatening your life? For whom would that be painful? Fearful? Troublesome? Loving?

6. How do you feel about celebrating the tragedy of someone who has wrongly hurt you or aggressively hindered your efforts to do God’s will?

7. What miracle has God done for you that you could sing or crow about? What song can you think of that best fits a victory God has accomplished in your life?

8. What role does your creativity (in music, art, drama, dance) play in relationship to God? How could you use your creativity more often to praise God for the wondrous things He has done in your life?


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