The Lord Provides Food and Water (Exodus 15:22 – 16:36)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 15:22 – 16:36


1. How can these people turn from prison to praise to protest so quickly?

2. What was the object lesson in chapter 15:22 – 26? What does that say about human patience? God’s provision? His discipline?

3. What’s your “sweet and sour” experience of this year?

4. Are you most open to God’s leading in feast or famine? Why?

5. What were the “good old days” like for you? What made them so “good”?

6. Who cooked Sunday dinner in your childhood home? Who cooks it now?

7. When was the last time you served some new dish and your family asked, “What is it”? (or “What was it”?). Share that experience.

8. If there’s one chore you excuse yourself (or your family) from doing on Sunday, what is it?

9. What do the Israelites’ complaints say about how they treated Moses and Aaron?

10. If you were the trip organizer for at least 3 million men, women and children (traveling 300 miles of desert), how would you have prepared for their needs?

11. Have you ever grumbled against someone who was actually doing exactly what the Lord wanted them to do? What happened?

12. How does it feel to know that God wants to provide for all your needs? What if that included manna pancakes and quail casserole every day?

13. What applications does Jesus make of this “manna” provision (see Matthew 4:4; Luke 11:3; John 6 for several key ideas)?

14. What does that suggest for how to resist temptation, pray for others and trust Christ as the “true bread from heaven”?

15. Describe a time when you were “stranded in the desert”.

16. What one piece of advice would you have given to the Israelites in this passage? If you were in their place, would you take your own advice? Why or why not?

17. If you are a parent, how hard is it for you to set aside “family time”? What have you found helpful to make sure your family gets priority time?

18. If you are a caregiver, what is the most demanding thing about your role? How difficult is it for you to take a break from your responsibilities? Do you feel guilty when you take a break? If so, why?

19. What kind of spiritual ‘bread’ are you getting now?

  • 100% whole wheat – satisfying and nutritious
  • cracked wheat – a few good kernels here and there
  • cheap white – bleached out and without substance
  • moldy



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