God Uses Moses’ Hands (Exodus 17)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 17


1. What do you do when you get frustrated?

2. Who or what usually gets the brunt of your frustration? How will you “let go and let God” the next time you “thirst”?

3. “Same song, second verse.” How does this passage compare with chapter 16:1 – 4? Do you think their complaints are valid? Why?

4. What does chapter 17 verses 1 – 7 teach about the authority of Moses and God? About stress? About obedience? About trust?

5. When have you needed your faith propped up by someone else?

6. Who has held up your arms during times of crises or great stress? How are you at being an Aaron or Hur and giving support to others?

7. What battle has God won in your life lately? What would be the name of your altar: “The Lord is my. . .”?

8. What battle would you like the Lord to fight for you right now? How do you feel about enlisting the help of others?


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