Jethro Visits Moses (Exodus 18)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 18


1. Right now, which is stacked higher: Your IN basket or your OUT basket? How are you coping?

2. What is your image of the ideal father-in-law?

3. For what advice have you leaned from him before? What advice would you welcome from him now?

4. From what you’ve read so far, what can you infer was Moses’ job description? What were his priorities?

5. What gave Jethro the right to challenge Moses’ way of doing things? How do you suppose Moses felt after this critique of his leadership?

6. Note the way Jethro delivered his constructive criticism. What makes it possible for Moses to hear and act on it?

7. How did you react the last time you were corrected or criticized by your boss? Your spouse? Your in-laws?

8. How open are you to criticism and feedback from others? Whose criticism do you receive the best? How do they get through to you?

9. In your relationships, do you feel like you’re typically on the giving or the receiving end? What does this passage say to you about your own needs? About doing more than you should? About accepting help from others?

10. When have you felt overwhelmed in your responsibilities as Moses must have? What (if anything) do you do to relieve the pressure? How does Jethro’s counsel apply to your current employment situation?

11. If you are a caregiver, how much have you tried to “share the load” with others? To what degree do you share Jethro’s concern that you and those you care for will “wear yourselves out”?

12. What is the primary reason why you’re working so hard?

  • No one else can do what I do
  • I am a workaholic
  • I am a perfectionist
  • I hate to say no
  • I like to be in control
  • I need to please others
  • I am doing what I think God wants me to do
  • A better (or more creative) solution has not been suggested



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