Receiving the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 20


1. Who laid down the law in your home? How did you try to bend the rules?

2. What are some modern idols and false gods? How do you avoid them?

3. How do you misuse the Lord’s name in deed and word?

4. How often do you take time for rest, spiritual rejuvenation and worship?

5. Behavior that honors parents – what does it look like? Who then is blessed?

6. How does murder vary from killing? What does Jesus add to this (see Matthew 5:21, 22)?

7. What happens to a marriage when one commits adultery? What does Jesus add to this (see Matthew 5:28)?

8. What passes for stealing? What forms of stealing are worse than others?

9. Is lying okay if it doesn’t injure another, as false witness does? How about “little white lies”?

10. What passes for coveting (verse 17) as Jesus defines sins of the heart (see Matthew 5:21 – 30)?

11. What shift in focus do you see between verses 3 – 11 and verses 12 – 17? What links the two sets of laws?

12. What link do you see between verses 18 – 21 and verses 1 – 17? What does it mean “fear not, fear God” (verse 20)?

13. Restate each of these Ten Commandments positively as the “Ten Freedoms”. When you do this, what realizations do you come to?


At this point, the book of Exodus lists the first of many laws God will set forth for His people to follow. I will present all the laws (found in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) later in a series of posts. 

To continue the goal of this blog (presenting the Biblical text in chronological order), the next post will pick up with the second half of Exodus chapter 23.


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