The Census (Numbers 1)

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Numbers 1


1. How large is the family you grew up in? Your family now? Would you have wanted a larger family anywhere along the way? Why or why not?

2. What have you been “surveyed” for: Voter opinion? Consumer choice? Program evaluation? Product testing? What do you like (or not like) about such polls?

3. The “whole Israelite community” is at Mount Sinai preparing for a journey through the wilderness to the land of Canaan. What do you see as the main purpose for taking a census at this point? How might this help to prepare them for the trip?

4. Why do you think God wants the census of the Levites (chapters 3 and 4) separated from that of the people (chapter 1)? How would this affect the way the people view the Levites? What’s the connection between this and Numbers 8:5 – 26?

5. What is the most significant crossroads event that separates the “before” and “after” of your life’s journey?

6. It has been 13 months since Israel left Egypt and the crossed the Red Sea. What did you do in the first year following a major, crossroads event in your life (if there was one)? What aspect of that journey are you embarking on now?

7. How has God especially prepared you for a spiritual journey? In what sense has this preparation made your life’s pilgrimage easier? More difficult?

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The Passover (Numbers 9:1 – 14)

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Numbers 9:1 – 14


1. Why would this first celebration of Passover since Egypt (see Exodus 12) be so important to the Israelites? What does it say about God that He allows unclean Israelites to celebrate this feast late, after they are ceremonially clean?

2. When are you and your church likely to be too firm about matters of faith and worship? How might this hinder a real relationship with God?

3. When are you and your church likely to be too flexible about such matters? How might that hinder a real relationship with God?

Important Note:

Following Biblical chronology, the next post will pickup with Numbers chapter 1.

Offerings at the Dedication of the Tabernacle (Numbers 7:1 – 8:4)

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Numbers 7:1 – 8:4


1. What gift from your last birthday do you still remember? What made this such a memorable one?

2. What is one gift you most enjoyed giving to someone else?

3. In chapter 7, each tribe presents a gift for the dedication of the altar (summed up in verses 84 – 88). How would this act help the people to identify with the tabernacle? 

4. Why do you think each tribe gave an identical gift? How would this help to build unity between the tribes? How would it help them to concentrate on the reasons for giving the gift?

5. What kind of gifts do you give to God in time, money or talent? What motivates you to give these gifts? 

6. How do your gifts make you feel about God? Why?

7. How does God use your gifts to aid you in your spiritual pilgrimage?

8. How could “competitive” giving misdirect the reason for giving gifts to God? What can you and your church do to avoid this problem among yourselves?