The Covenant Confirmed (Exodus 24)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 24


1. How do you rate yourself at keeping promises? (How might other people rate you?)

2. As a young child, how did you picture God?

3. How does the voice of the people strike you (verses 3, 7): Idealistic? Realistic? Self-defeating? Enthusiastic? Boastful?

4. Do you think either Moses or God expected the people to meet all their covenant duties? Why or why not?

5. In what sense have you seen God: In Christ? In others? In church? In Bible study?

6. What kinds of promises have you made to God? Have you found it difficult to keep these promises? Why or why not?

7. Is God’s covenant with His people (then and now) sustained by their obedience or His grace? Why do you think so? How will that affect your promise-making, today?


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