Instructions for the Tabernacle – Part 1 of 4 (Exodus 25)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 25


1. When are you most generous? Right after payday? Immediately – when you see the need? When you need to meet a pledge? Every time you are asked?

2. When are you most stingy?

3. What heirlooms or treasures do you have in an old trunk stashed in your attic or basement?

4. What might you carry around with you to remind you of God’s past actions and continuing presence in your life?

5. What does the table and gold (verses 23 – 30) say about God’s relationship with His people?

6. What do you enjoy most about your favorite lamp in your home? Its uniqueness? Its value? Its location? Its light?

7. What one way can you brighten your lamp to reflect God’s powerful light in your life?


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