Consecration of the Priests (Exodus 29)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 29


1. Which of your past spiritual leaders has made the deepest impression at a formative stage in your life? What set that person apart from the rest?

2. Have you ever attended an ordination service for someone entering the ministry? What was it like?

3. What experience have you had with week-long church camps, week-long honeymoons or any week-long celebration? How would you describe your feelings?

4. In this detailed service of installing priests, God seeks to make sure the sacredness and completeness of any and all sacrifices to Him. How does each element of the service, in turn, serve this larger purpose of God?

5. Do you think ritual consecration of ministers is as important for the church today as it was for ancient Israel? Why or why not? These rituals were mainly for whose benefit?

6. Is consecration for all believers or only for “professional ministers”? Why?

7. What do you do that consecrates yourself for the Lord’s work – either daily, annually or once-for-all? What part does ritual play in that?

8. Does ritual draw you closer to God or does it hinder your ability to feel His presence?

9. Who among your church leaders would you want to lay hands on you and set you apart for some special task? For what mission would you have (or have had) this special dedication or commissioning?

10. The process of consecration and the offering of sacrifices was a very precise, time-consuming and bloody process. Do you think the priests and the Israelites considered it a worthwhile process? Why?

11. Do your efforts to devote yourself to God ever seem burdensome? Why or why not?


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