Garments For the Priests (Exodus 28)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 28


1. What do your clothes say about you?

2. What is your most impressive suit of clothing? When do you wear it? Why these times?

3. What colors do you wear most often? What do they make you feel like?

4. Are any of your clothes homemade? Which one is most special to you? Why?

5. How would the elaborate breastpiece help Aaron’s decision-making? What do you think is the “Urim and Thummim”?

6. The gold-plated, “Holy to the Lord”, served what purpose: Reminder? Exhortation? Hope?

7. What was the purpose of the linen underwear?

8. Do you dress differently for church than on other days? Why? Is that good or bad?

9. Whose faith has been a foundation for yours?

10. How do you determine what is the will of God in a particular situation? Whose names are engraved on your “breastplate of decision-making”?

11. What kind of decisions are your church leaders required to make? How do they know God’s will for sure?

12. Are they alone with God in their decision-making? How might you support them in this?

13. How do you think the other Israelites felt about Aaron, who risked his life to take their guilt to God?

14. How do you feel toward Christ for doing the same thing, and more, for you?


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