The New Stone Tablets (Exodus 34)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 34


1. When you were a child, after they punished you, how did your parents let you know that they still loved you?

2. Were their messages of “tough love” clear, or confusing to you? How so?

3. What was the key lessons God wanted to teach His people about His nature? About worship? Obedience? Covenant relationships? Separation from other people and their gods?

4. Moses was again gone for 40 days. What do you suppose the Israelites did this time around, as they waited for his return?

5. How has God’s self-revelation in verses 6 and 7 compare with your experience of Him?

6. What aspects of His character were made real to you in a crisis of faith? Likewise, in the day-to-day routine of last week?

7. How did you come by the basic rules to live by? How are those rules consistent with the lessons of this renewed covenant (which God identifies as key for Israel)?

8. From this study, which basic rules from God’s list will you add to your own?

9. What are the other “gods” of the 21st century that we are prone to worship and with whom we “make treaties”?

10. Which of these “gods” are most alluring to you? What can you do to remove them from your midst?

11. Moses’ encounter with God must have been incredibly awesome. Do you ever over-emphasize your private experiences with God at the expense of what you need to do in obedience to God? Explain.

12. How do you “veil” God’s glory in your life: Doubt? Timidity? Mistrust? Forgetfulness? Intimidation? Defensiveness?

13. If you were to drop this veil, how would your relationships and witness be different?

14. When you break something, when do you replace it?

  • right away, if it belongs to someone else
  • only when the rest of the set breaks
  • only after I’ve saved up more money
  • only if I am asked to
  • never, even if it was unique

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