The Construction of the Tabernacle; The Garments of the Priest (Exodus 36:8 – 39:31)

Scripture Text:

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Exodus 36:8 – 38

Exodus 37

Exodus 38

Exodus 39:1 – 31


1. What is your earliest memory of church or Sunday School? If you were not raised in a church-going family, what did you substitute for church on the weekend?

2. What pets do you have? What is the strangest pet you have ever owned?

3. Briefly compare Exodus 36 – 39 with the specifications for the tabernacle furnishings and the priestly garments in Exodus 25 – 31. Given the amount of Bible coverage devoted to the tabernacle and the priestly clothes, how important do you think these things were to the Israelites? To God?

4. Considering the importance of animals for sacrifice and for the building of the tabernacle, what can you deduce about the role of animals in God’s creation? About the relationship between people and animals?

5. The Bible never speaks of persons as “creative”, only God creates. Yet creativity is evident as imagination, artistic ability and resourcefulness in people like Bezalel and Oholiab. Is creativity an essential aspect of people made in God’s image? Why?

6. What limits to creativity and freedom do you see here in the very laws of God?

7. What does this teach you about the purpose of physical presentations of our faith to our relationship with God? How can physical items (church buildings, furnishings, art, etc.) help your faith?

8. When you see a room full of religious objects, do they draw your attention toward God or away from God? Why?

9. What is the difference between these physical aids and religious idols? What can you do to make sure that they remain aids and do not become idols?

10. Relative to what you spend on your own home, how much time and energy do you devote to the physical place or facility where your church meets?

11. How do you feel about being able to devote your creative abilities to glorify the Lord and share Christ with others? Encouraged? Ignored? Tolerated? Rejected? Challenged? Explain your answers.


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