The Israelites Leave Sinai (Numbers 10)

Scripture Text:

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Numbers 10


1. What does the sound of trumpets make you feel like doing?

2. What aspects of your own life has God shown special concern over the  last 12 months? How does He show His concerns? What does this teach about Him? About you?

3. When God wants to get your attention and give you marching orders, what “trumpet blast” does He use?

4. When was the last time you took a family vacation or holiday? What was the best part of that experience? The worst?

5. How well-organized are your vacations? What does such organization do to your trip?

6. What adventure has God prepared and mobilized you (or your church) to do? How have you (or your church) prepared? What challenges do you expect along the way?

7. Who is the “Hobab” you hope to persuade to join you in this adventure of faith? How else has God helped to fill out your team for this adventure?

8. What does this chapter teach you about God? About His wish for your success? 

9. If you are a single person, how do you respond to this passage?

  • I wish God would send a cloud to guide me.
  • Even though I can’t physically see it, I know God is leading me.
  • I need a Hobab to help me find God’s direction.
  • I need a Hobab who has been this way before.

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