Miriam and Aaron Undercut Moses’ Leadership (Numbers 12)

Scripture Text:

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Numbers 12


1. Growing up, who did you want to be like? Did this person inspire you or did you have jealous (envious) feelings toward him or her?

2. What does it say about Moses that he enjoys this kind of relationship with God and yet remains humble?

3. What does Aaron’s repentance and Moses’ plea teach about how God wants us to approach Him?

4. Do you think Aaron’s repentance was sincere? Was he more concerned about his sister or about what might happen to himself?

5. What motivates you to repent: Guilt? God’s love? Fear of God? Fear of consequences? Fear of getting caught? Fear of sin becoming addictive? The pain of fellowship with God having been broken?

6. What has happened in your life to enable you to identify with the breakdown of relationships in this story? What resolution has taken place? How has your faith in God made a difference?

7. In what ways are you like Miriam and Aaron? What does this do to your relationship with God? With others?

8. To whom in your circle of friends might verse 3 aptly fit? How does that person exemplify humility?

9. What’s the most needed lesson and challenge of this story for your relational life?

  • not to be jealous of others
  • not to be critical of others
  • if I have a problem with someone, to go to them instead of others
  • to accept criticism without being defensive
  • not to strike back when unjustly accused
  • to forgive and pray for those who hurt me
  • to deepen my relationship with God, letting Him “talk” for me and defend me

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