Division of the Land; Moses Forbidden To Cross the Jordan (Deuteronomy 3:12 – 29)

Scripture Text:

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Deuteronomy 3:12 – 29


1. When growing up, did you share your bedroom or have it to yourself? What was this like?

2. What did your parents used to say about sharing? How have their sayings influenced your sharing now?

3. The Jordan Valley was a geographical barrier to communication. What inter-tribal problems might this create? Why do you think God allows them to remain in separate camps?

4. What does Moses’ prayer (verses 24, 25) reveal about his relationship with God?

5. How is your extended family interwoven and interdependent? What communication problems have you had to bridge?

6. When have someone shared the battles of life with you? How did their presence make a difference in the outcome?

7. When have you been prevented from experiencing a much-anticipated event (like Moses)? How did you feel? What did you do?


The Defeat of King Og (Deuteronomy 3:1 – 11)

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Deuteronomy 3:1 – 11


1. What is the worst place you’ve ever slept?

2. What kind of sleeper are you? Toss and turn? Snore up a storm? Sleep like a dog?

3. On a map, locate the territory conquered here and in Deuteronomy 2:24 – 27. What do these conquests reveal about how God works to prepare His people for the promised land?

4. Where do you see God at work right now in your life? What might the “promised land” look like?

5. What about your relationship with God continues to amaze you?

The Defeat of King Sihon (Deuteronomy 2:24 – 37)

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Deuteronomy 2:24 – 37


1. When have you dug in your heels and refused to budge? Why? What resulted?

2. What part does God play in Sihon’s refusal to allow the Israelites to pass through his territory? What does this reveal about God?

3. What part of your life seems directionless? How do you go about seeking God’s will in that area?

4. If God solves life’s problems in different ways, what advice would you give someone approaching God with a problem?

5. Why is it sometimes difficult for us to discern God’s guidance?