Regulations Concerning the Guilt Offering and the Fellowship Offering (Leviticus 7:1 – 21)

Scripture Text:

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Leviticus 7:1 – 21


1. What meat dishes are your favorite? What makes them so tasty?

2. In what “ceremonial” ways do you show gratitude to your parents: Flowers? Breakfast in bed? Dinner out? Or what?

3. What regulations define the guilt offering? How does this help define the reconciliation process?

4. What is the relation between the blood in this passage and that in Hebrews 9:11 – 28? How has the Christian’s relation with God been affected by the blood of Christ’s sacrifice?

5. Why do you think animal sacrifice was appropriate for vows, freewill and thanksgiving offerings, as well as for sin offerings?

6. What does it mean to be “cut off from his people” (verses 20, 21)? Does this convey God’s judgment by execution, banishment or what? What does this say about the importance of one’s fellowship with God?

7. When you are particularly thankful to God, how do you show it? In what ways is this like the thanksgiving offering depicted in verses 12 – 15?

8. For what are you particularly thankful today? How will you express this to God?

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