Eating Fat and Blood Forbidden; The Priests’ Share (Leviticus 7:22 – 38)

Scripture Text:

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Leviticus 7:22 – 38


1. Have you ever had to turn down some particular food served to you? What for?

2. When something breaks down and needs replacement, do you buy a new one, borrow a used one, or fix the old one? Cite an example.

3. What links the food laws cited here to the laws about animal sacrifice (see chapters 3 and 4)?

4. In ancient Israel, all tribes were given land except the “Levites” (the priestly tribe). And they were to live off the offerings of the other tribes. Would these circumstances help or hinder their performance? How so?

5. What does question #4 teach you about God’s desire for His priests? For His people?

6. Some take passages like Leviticus 7:22 – 27 as reason to refrain from eating meat (or only “kosher” meat)? What do you think? How else might you show respect for the symbol of life (which is blood)?

7. How is your minister like (and unlike) the priests of the Old Testament?

8. How might the living standards for clergy outlined here fit (or not fit) your church? How can you help (not hinder) your minister by your “offerings”?


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