Regulations Concerning Clean and Unclean Food (Leviticus 11)

Scripture Text:

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Leviticus 11


1. What can you still hear your mother saying about foods that were good (and not good) for you to eat?

2. According to your definition, which restaurant in your area would you classify as a “clean” establishment? Which one fails to meet your criteria?

3. Although it is not clear today why certain animals were listed as fit for human consumption and others were not, what reasons might there be back then for such an action by God?

4. How would the reasons you identified in question #3 help the Israelites (both physically and spiritually)?

5. Given the situation the people find themselves in, why would cleanliness be so important? How would making cleanliness part of their ritual life help the ancient Israelites?

6. In Daniel chapter 1, we see where strict adherence to such dietary laws help strengthen God’s people and establish His purpose. How might God’s cause be better served today by following dietary food laws in a self-indulgent culture?

7. In Acts 10:9 – 23, the regulations concerning clean and unclean animals were lifted. Why do you think this is? In what sense would the removal of these laws help the spread the Gospel?

8. Diets abound in today’s society (for all kinds of reasons). What is the latest diet you have heard about? What was unique about it?

9. Why are some people always “going on a diet”? When is the last time you went on one? Why did you diet? For any reasons like the ones listed in this chapter?

10. Of the people listed in the poll question below, what do they have to say about what is “clean” or “unclean” for you? What do you feel is “clean” or “unclean” for you?

11. In this chapter, diet and religion seem to be blended. What are the ways you feel food and faith may be appropriately blended? In what ways should the two never mix?

12. Who has the most say about the foods you eat?

  • TV ads
  • my mom
  • my spouse (or significant other)
  • my physician
  • the Food and Drug Administration
  • my sweet tooth

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