Regulations Concerning Mildew and Mold (Leviticus 13:47 – 59)

Scripture Text:

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Leviticus 13:47 – 59


1. Do the clothes you are wearing say anything about you as a person? How does this make you feel?

2. Are you a “pack rat”? If so, why? If not, when do you decide to finally toss out old clothes or those never used items in the basement, garage or attic?

3. What do these regulations about clothing have in common with the previous regulations about skin diseases?

4. What do these rules about mildew reveal about the value of clothes in the ancient world? Why might this value make such rules necessary?

5. What objects have a high value for you? How might the value of these articles become dangerous to your physical well-being? To your spiritual well-being?

6. What new insights does this passage give you into Jesus’ teaching on “treasure that moth and rust destroy” (see Matthew 6:19ff)?


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