Regulations About Bodily Discharges Causing Uncleanness (Leviticus 15)

Scripture Text:

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Leviticus 15


1. As a child, what was the best part about taking a bath? What was the worst part?

2. How many baths or showers do you take now? Three times a day? Once a week? Only when it rains?

3. How much water do you use? Just enough to fill a bird-bath? Enough to create a water shortage? What if there was only enough water to drink?

4. Of the various “discharges” listed in Leviticus 15, why do you think each would defile God’s dwelling place?

5. Given this extensive list, how much time do you think the average Israelite spent “unclean”? Would this affect his or her relationship with God negatively? Or positively?

6. Of these various rituals, which do you see that have some real cleansing value? Which ones are largely ceremonial?

7. How do you think these ceremonies would make one feel about: 

  • Lengthy discharges (diarrhea, hemorrhaging)?
  • Normal human discharges?
  • Sexual relations?
  • About him or herself as an adolescent coming into puberty?

8. Which rule listed in this chapter is the background for David’s sin with Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11:4)?

9. Which rule echoes earlier times when Rachel deceived Laban (Genesis 31:35)?

10. Where would a desert people get all the water for the many prescribed baths?

11. In what ways might these laws concerning cleanliness relate to hygiene today?

12. What do these laws teach you about God, His relationship to us and the things which separate us from Him?

13. Many people today find the implications of this passage to be a turnoff. Why would that be? Need that be the case?

14. What provisions has God made for you to feel better about yourself?

15. What will you do to remind yourself about these provisions the next time you feel “unclean”?

16. Jesus often healed people miraculously with very human means (including the instruction to “go and wash” – see John 9:7). In this regard, what “baths” has Christ provided for your salvation and wholeness?

17. Of the 5 options listed below, when do you feel most unworthy to approach God?

  • when my self-esteem is low
  • when I’ve had a defeating day at home, work or school
  • when I know I’ve sinned
  • during a bout of lengthy sickness
  • when I miss church



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