Regulations Concerning Personal Conduct (Leviticus 19)

Scripture Text:

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Leviticus 19


1. In your growing up years, who was the disciplinarian in your family? Why that person?

2. In your household now, who sets most of the rules? Who has to enforce them? Why?

3. Which of your parents are you like in this regard? How so?

4. Which of the laws in this chapter show compassion and economic justice for the poor? 

5. Which of these laws speak of cultic and occult practices? Of parental respect and family values? Of international relations?

6. Of of these laws, which seem to you to have their application limited to the ancient Israelites? Which laws seem to apply universally (to all people, for all time)? How do you make that distinction?

7. In your own life, how has God delivered you from some sin mentioned in this chapter?

8. How does this deliverance help you to live better with your God? With your family? With your neighbors? With the disadvantaged?

9. What is your chief incentive to be “holy”?

10. How might this passage have given rise to the notion of “holier-than-thou”?

11. How can you avoid that tag and still be the holy person God wants you to be?


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