Regulations Concerning Priests (Leviticus 21:1 – 22:16)

Scripture Text:

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Leviticus 21:1 – 22:16


1. What are the qualities in a minster/pastor would you seek out for counseling? What qualities would turn you away?

2. Why do you think the rules in this chapter for priests were given to “all the Israelites” (verse 24) and not just given to the priests in their private education?

3. How would you feel about these rules if you were a close relative of a priest? If you were married to one? If you wanted to marry one?

4. Do you think chapter 21 verses 16 through 23 indicates that disabled persons are of less value to God? Why?

5. What kind of behavior do you expect of your religious leaders today?

6. In what areas do you have one set of standards for clergy but another set for non-clergy?

7. What physical qualities do you like in your minister/pastor?

8. How could you bring your approach to God more into line with the intent of this passage? What will you do today to “get in line”?

9. Which of these qualities in a preacher would impress you more than others?

  • honesty
  • good speaker
  • able to be “human”
  • depth of scriptural knowledge
  • witty sense of humor
  • gives short sermons

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