Unacceptable Sacrifices (Leviticus 22:17 – 33)

Scripture Text:

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Leviticus 22:17 – 33


1. What care do you take in giving gifts at Christmas time?

  • Most anything will do, within a certain price range?
  • Only gifts from a “wish list” will do?
  • Used gifts or hand-me-downs are acceptable sometimes?
  • Only new items will do, preferably deluxe editions?
  • Each gift must be carefully wrapped (with ribbons, bows and cute tags)? 

2. Describe a time when you took special care in choosing and wrapping a gift.

3. In what area are you giving God less than your “best”?

4. What are you trying to just get by with offering God “leftovers”?

5. What is keeping you from offering God your best?

6. What will you do today to begin giving Him your best?


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