The Sabbath and the Feasts of the Lord (Leviticus 23)

Scripture Text:

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Leviticus 23


1. What is the most fun outing you’ve had?

2. What big occasions do you celebrate each year with family? What is your favorite festive meal?

3. Describe the “perfect day off”.

4. How did you include worship in your “perfect day off”?

5. What would you like to be doing, say, 50 days from now?

6. Why do you think Israel was not allowed to work on feast days? What does this rule say about the relative importance of God and work?

7. How would this rule help the people focus on the meaning of the different feasts?

8. What is God saying by requiring the “first” of their harvest? Do you think He still expects this of His people? If so, how do you give God “first-fruits” of your labor, income and time?

9. If you faithfully observed all these feasts outlined in chapter 23 and maintained your present work responsibilities, how could you afford to “do no regular work” so often? Or would putting God first take care of that? Explain.


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