The Test for an Unfaithful Wife (Numbers 5:11 – 31)

Scripture Text:

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Numbers 5:11 – 31


1. What is the closest thing to a “lie detector test” you have ever taken or witnessed? How do you feel about the experience?

2. As a child, were you more forgiving or more suspicious? How have you changed since then? What does this tell you about yourself?

3. Why is more instruction devoted to the “private” sin of adultery compared to the ritual uncleanness and public injustice?

4. Why would it be important to maintain group and family harmony during Israel’s journey through the wilderness? How would even the possibility of adultery damage this harmony?

5. Do you think this test for adultery is meant primarily for the benefit of the husband, the wife or both? Why? In the absence of such a test and appeal to the priest, what would be the social consequences?

6. How important is group and family harmony to your own relationship with God?

7. What is most likely to destroy this harmony? What can you do to avoid this problem?

8. When you are jealous of someone, how is your worship affected?

9. What actions can you take to remove these feelings of jealousy? What will you do to remind yourself to take these actions the next time you become jealous?


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